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I think you must put more adds so that i can use them more. It will solve your homework for you and explain it :). This is the best photo calculator I've used so far, it almost always recognises the text correctly (misses decimal points frequently however), much different from the old math we were use to.

William Hill

Really helpful for any type of math homework, it gets the answer and teaches you how to get it, and has a feature to scan the math problems, this app was really helpful I love it if there were more than five star I will give it all thanks for making this app. When i found a math problem this app helps me a lot 5 stars ✅.

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Really recommend for students of all types (Middle school/junior school, high school/secondary school, college, university), it's really amazing application When I used it it's given me fast and right answer within 1-2 seconds. This works great and I'm glad that it gives a live explanation for better understanding other than just giving the answer.

Curtis Pruett
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Math is the study of numbers, space, and structure.