Word problems for distance and displacement

What is John’s total displacement? Answer: John’s starting position X i = 0. Her final position X f is the distance travelled N minus the distance South. Calculating displacement, i.e.D. D = ΔX =

Distance and Displacement

1 Dislike Share Save Abby Beck 68 subscribers In this video there are 5 examples of how to solve for initial and final position, find the displacement, and calculate the distance in

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Solved Example Problems for Distance and Displacement

1. A car travels along a straight road 100 m east then 50 m west. Find distance and displacement of the car. Solution Distance is 100 met ers + 50 meters = 150 meters

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Distance and Displacement Practice

n/a What is its displacement? 5km Explain with a diagram: 2. A whale swims due east for a distance of 6.9 km, turns around and goes due west for 1.8 km, and finally turns around again
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