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Mathopolis has several games for students to practice basic math skills. The Gamessection encompasses addition, subtraction, estimation, multiplication, division

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Stanley Wilson

I was drowning in homework before this app, came to save me. Thanks for creating this wonderful app. This app is very good in trigonometry. It helps me a lot on my math problems and if the photo doesnt work you can just type in the question, 10/10 experience, would definitly recommend with people who are struggling with some math equations.

John Guerriero

The app is not glitchy, it works well, and doesn't show ads unless to want to see the work, i'm honestly amazed at how it reads my not-so-great handwriting so well, it helps me with everyday math and the fact that theres barely any ads makes it even better.


Mathopolis is a firefighter-themed app for practicing all math facts. We have an iphone, iPad and an iPod touch (all hand-me-downs, thanks to my husband’s tech-loving family) and this app works on all of them. On each