20 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Fun Ways to Tell Parents You're Pregnant

1.The Sidewalk Announcement

This pregnancy announcement is fantastic! I know you’ll want to announce the birth of your child from the rooftops. But how about scribbling it in chalk on the sidewalk and leaving it for your parents to find?

You may write your message on the pavement outside your mother’s favorite coffee shop with sidewalk chalk. Take her out for coffee after that, and let her read the wonderful news for herself.

Whatever you choose, this is a simple, stress-free, and cost-effective method to come up with some cute birth announcement ideas.

2.The Baby Balloons

These pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to delight your loved ones!

Isn’t it true that nothing shouts “surprise” like a bunch of balloons? You can be as inventive as this pair.

If you can’t make there in person, your balloon message might be delivered to your parents’ door! Wouldn’t it surprise them!!

3.The Onesie

Why not wrap a lovely onesie and give it to the soon-to-be grandparents for Christmas or any other holiday?

You might create the anticipation by giving them their ‘real’ gifts first, then informing them there’s one more gift you’re excited to give them!

4.The Sonogram Photo

Sonogram Photo

There are a lot of lovely pregnancy announcement ideas, but this one is the most adorable.

How adorable would it be to announce your pregnancy with a snapshot of your sonogram? You could bury the ultrasound photo amongst a slew of other images and leave it to your parents to uncover!

You may also include the photo in a holiday, birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day card.

Whatever you pick, the prospect of ‘seeing’ their future grandchild will heighten the anticipation.

You may also share your pregnancy news on Facebook or Instagram!

5.The Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Take a look at these creative ways to announce your pregnancy!

With a charming pregnancy announcement puzzle, you can let your parents figure out your happy news.

Take a lovely pregnancy announcement photo and turn it into a jigsaw – just look into it using your favorite photo print provider.

6.The Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Baby booties are very adorable. And how much fun would it be for future grandparents to receive it?

You might also be inventive and hide the booties somewhere unusual.

When my friend’s parents came to visit for Easter, she had her family dog “deliver” the good news to them. There were a lot of smiles – and a lot of tears – all around. So much fun!!

You may also use little moccasins since they are beautiful and charming. You may also choose the color of your baby’s shoes if you want to include a gender reveal!

7.The Coffee Lovers Photo Shoot

Coffee Lovers Photo Shoot

This adorable pregnancy announcement is great for coffee enthusiasts, even if you had to give up your caffeine habit.

If you can’t give the good news in person, this is the way to go.

8.The Save a Space Photo Shoot

Save a Space Photo Shoot

Okay, here are some more pregnancy announcement ideas that use a guessing ballon! But I couldn’t say no to this adorable pregnancy announcement picture shoot, complete with gender reveal.

It’s really simple and straightforward to set up – because you’re pregnant and need to get as much rest as possible!! You can gather your parents in a park and prepare everything for the big reveal!

9.A Bun in the Oven

It’s a classic!

Take a look at this lovely pregnancy announcement for an example of how creative you may be.

Or, if you’re not in the mood for baking (hello, morning sickness), let this cute tee do the work for you.

10.Pregnancy Shirts for Dads

Shirts for Dads

Here are four of the greatest pregnant tees for dad. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and fits.

What a creative way to share your good news – and one of my favourite baby announcement ideas – my personal fave is the last one! Choose your favourite shirt by clicking on it!

11.The Type Board Announcement

Type Board Announcement

These pregnancy announcement ideas are perfect for a lovely picture shoot or for telling your parents about your pregnancy in person.

The secret is to be inventive and personalize your text for your loved ones. This adorable Halloween proclamation is one of my favorites.

Take a look at this adorable felt board. Once the baby is delivered, you’ll use this one for all of the key milestones as well.

12.Pregnancy Announcement Cake

Pregnancy Announcement Cake

An Announcement of Pregnancy Cake is a wonderful way to tell your close friends and family that you’re expecting.

Invite them over for tea and cake, then place something beautiful on the table like this Pregnancy Announcement Cake and watch their cheeks light up!

13.The Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon ice cream

Take your mother out for ice cream and replace the spoon with a special announcement spoon.

A spoon with a pregnancy announcement will make her forget about the ice cream! And it’s such a sweet memento — it’d be perfect framed with a sonogram photo!

14.The Mug of Coffee

And while we’re on the subject of keepsakes, these adorable mugs would make great pregnancy announcements. Imagine your father’s astonishment if you presented him with one of those cups filled with coffee!! Make sure your camera is ready to record his reaction.

15.The Sibling Shirts

Sibling Shirts

If you already have a child, use these adorable t-shirts to engage them in the announcement. Select your favorite shirt by clicking on it.

Alternatively, be creative and print your own t-shirts.
Getting your older child engaged is a fantastic approach to help them cope with the change and soothe any fears they may be experiencing.

16.Get Your Fur-Baby Involved

You may be a first-time mother, but you already have a pet. In such situation, the options are limitless.

What do you think of these cuddly baby announcement ideas?

17.The One Extra Little Thing

I adore the photoshoot you used to announce your pregnancy.
It’s also a wonderful idea that you can tailor to you and your hubby. It may be a small additional hat or shirt for sports enthusiasts. It may also be one extra little apron hanging on the kitchen door for foodies. The options are limitless.
Develop the photograph and just put it in the kitchen for your folks to come upon.

18.Egg Crack Announcement

Egg Crack Announcement

This cute “hatchable” egg is another excellent way to tell your family you’re expecting. When shattered, it reveals a small message with the major news, which is beautifully displayed. Allow them to open the box and read the “Crack Me” message, then watch their faces light up! It’s adorable!

19.Serve An Eviction Notice

This lovely picture shoot concept will help you announce your pregnancy in a lighthearted and enjoyable way. With all of the morning sickness and tiredness, it’s important to remember that pregnancy may also be enjoyable!

You may wake up your older youngster from his or her nap and go inside this eviction notice for a great surprise!

20.The KISS Plan

Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnant announcement ideas don’t have to be difficult to come up with.
Why not keep things simple if you’re fatigued, hormonal, and dealing with morning sickness all day?
To be honest, picking the “ideal” pregnancy announcement isn’t something to get worked up over.

Your parents will remember the moment you inform them you’re expecting a child for the rest of their lives! As a result, there’s no need to make it “more” special.
Sam, keep it simple! 

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