Party Bargains Disposable Diaper Bags with Baby Powder Scent | 100% Biodegradable Easy-Tie Nappy Sacks for Home and Travel | 200 Count

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✅ Durable & Large Size Diaper Sack: Keep your home smell fresh and clean. Made of 100% Biodegradable material that helps contain diaper odors, wetness and garbage stink. Heavy duty and easy to carry baby disposable diaper sacks and perfect to use for up-to size 6 diapers. A life-saver when traveling or visiting a friend’s house that are not used to diaper trash.
✅ Easy-Tie & Convenient to Use: This disposable solution is the key to help minimize odor in your diaper pails, it’s very easy to pull out and clean up from a messy dirty tissue and wipes. This also great to use picking up after your dogs, cat litter box and works great holding bladder pads. Hassle-free and no more pain in storing and cleaning using these diaper disposable bags.
✅ High Quality Powder Scented Bags: Stop using those a lot thinner, rips easily and poor quality diaper disposal sacks. Our Party Bargain Baby Disposable Diaper Bags can be disposed quickly and easily, not only mask the odors from foul diapers, but also gives a powder scent which protects your home and car from the offensive diaper smell.
✅ Excellent for Home & Travel Use: Must-have diaper bag essentials for both home and on the go usage. Very useful trash bags to put your baby’s stinky diapers on them to minimize the smell, comes very handy to put wet and dirty clothes or carry it around when traveling with your little one. Very practical and functional nappy sacks.
✅ Great Value for Your Money: If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the item for a full refund, no questions asked. 100% 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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