Inked Inspired Tattoo Aftercare Balm- Premium Healing Ointment Salve. Best Moisturizer Lotion, Ink Tattoo Brightener and Tattoo Color Enhancement Cream. All Around Tattoo Aftercare (2oz)

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RELIEVES ITCHING Soothes and nourishes your skin so you can heal with your sanity intact.
AMPLIFY YOUR INK Intensifies colors to brighten your tattoo–old or new. Daily use will maintain the appearance of your tats and keep your skin healthy to boot.
HIPPY-FRIENDLY 100% natural ingredients–even the preservative is natural (pine bark extract)! We just don’t use any chemicals. Period.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We stand behind our products. If you’re dissatisfied, simply contact us and we’ll make it right. We promise.

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